1. Stay on a clear liquid diet after the evening meal the day before your exam. If you have an afternoon appointment, eat breakfast but stay on clear liquids after that until your exam.

2. If you have a problem with chronic constipation, you can take a laxative the night before. Ducolax tabs or Milk of

3. You may take your usual medicines. If you are diabetic, eat regularly and take your insulin.

4. One and a half hours before the exam is scheduled, take a FLEETS ENEMA (found at any local pharmacy/drugstore). Follow the instructions provided in the box.

5. One half hour before the exam, take another FLEETS ENEMA.

6. The return from the last enema should be clear. If not, it may be necessary to take a third enema.


Only these foods are allowed – avoid all others.

Beverages – Carbonated beverages, coffee, Kool-Aid, and tea
Desserts – Gelatin dessert (Jello), clear popsicles
Fruit – Apple juice, cranberry juice, and grape juice
Soups – Beef bouillon or clear broth
Sweets – Hard candies or sugar

Republished with the permission of John L. Pfenninger, M.D. – mpcenter.net