What is Body Composition?

Body composition reveals the relative proportions of fat and lean mass in the body (www.acsm.org).

When we measure body composition, we are measuring fat mass with the remaining composition being muscle and bone (http://neversummerfitness.com).

A body composition within the recommended range suggests you have less risk of developing obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even some cancers. In addition, although we face risks when our body composition is too high, we face another set of risks when our body composition is too low. When we drop below the minimal recommended levels of essential fat, we negatively affect the delivery of vitamins to the organs, the ability of the reproductive system to function, and overall well-being (www.acsm.org).

So if you want to know your Body Composition, please ring the clinic for appointment.

Weight Loss Program

In Addition, we also offer a Weight Loss Program. This is a 12 week program. If you like to enroll the 12 week program, a calorie counting will be done and you will be given a Meal Plan according to how much calorie/s you need in a day. An exercise plan will also be provided (dependent on individual’s capacity). Further, if you like to enhance your weight loss with medications, please speak to our doctors for details.